5 Reasons behind Back Pain during Pregnancy and 6 Remedies to Relieve the Pain

Raise your hands if you suffer from Back Pain during pregnancy!!!

Around 70% women complain about back pain during Pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimester.

Drop into any physical therapist and you can see many baby bump waiting in the queue to give you company. Well, the good news is the baby is growing which should be happening. But it can be tough on your back.If you had back, neck or pelvis problems before you conceived pregnancy can make it worse.


Pregnancy back pain is typically observed in the area where the pelvis meets your spine, at the sacroiliac joint. So let’s first understand the reasons behind back pain during pregnancy and then we can work on the exercises.

Weight Gain

During a healthy pregnancy, women typically gain between 25 and 35 pounds. Spinal cord needs to support this weight which can lead to lower back pain. In fact, the uterus is also amounting to the pain by exerting pressure on the blood vessels which in turn causes back pain during pregnancy.

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Hormonal Changes

As you might know during Pregnancy body release lots of hormones, one of them is ‘Relaxin‘ which allows ligaments in the pelvic area to relax and the joints become looser in preparation for the birth process.The also makes the body very unstable and prone to injury by causing the ligaments to loosen.

Posture Change

Did you ever notice pregnant women walking? As the body grows Pregnancy shifts your centre for gravity and so the posture adjusts itself which can cause back pain.The abdominal muscles restrict from maintaining proper alignment.Try to stand straight always, we generally slump our shoulders and arch our back as the belly grows which puts pressure on the back. Frequent standing and roaming around help in combating the pain.

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Stress during Pregnancy

Did you ever notice an increase in back pain during stressful moments? That’s because emotional stress can cause muscle tensions which can be felt as back pain during Pregnancy

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If there is an increase in weight beyond what your body can handle then certainly it can cause back pain.If you ever complained of back pain before pregnancy then that is definitely going to increase or make it worse.

Back pain is worse during later stages of Pregnancy, even though it is not avoidable but some remedies can really ease the pain.

Heat Therapy

Heat packs, when applied to the aching muscles, make them relax and so, in turn, eases the pain.The blood flow to the body is improved and so the pain alleviates slowly.A heat pack for 10-15 minutes applied every 5-6 hours can help ease the pain. Even back massage for 10-15 minutes is good.

Sleep position

Sleep position can also put a unnecessary strain on your spine and cause back pain.try lying on your sides to take off stress off your lower back without reducing the blood flow to the placenta and your baby.There are pregnancy pillows available in the market which are a great relief during later stages of Pregnancy. But you can even use the normal pillow by placing it between the legs to support the weight of the top leg or place the pillow behind the back for support.Pillow can also be placed on the abdomen to support the weight of the uterus.

5 Reasons behind Back Pain during Pregnancy and 6 Remedies to Relieve the Pain

Bend your legs at your knees and hips when you roll to the side, and use your arms to push yourself up as you dangle your lower legs over the side of the bed.Sleep on the side with one or both knees bent and a pillow between your legs. As your pregnancy advances, use another pillow or wedge to support your abdomen.


Yes, exercises are very important to keep the abdominal muscles strong and strengthen them further preparing the body for the increased weight and also labour.A daily walk for around 15-20 minutes or Cardiovascular exercises such as Walking or swimming is safe.Kegel exercises also help in strengthening the pelvic floor exercises.

Blow are some exercises that will help you relieve the back pain

Limit your body

You should know your limits like bending too often, lifting heavy weights or dressing too tight can alleviate back pain.Always bend your knees and lift things from a crouching position. avoid twisting movement activities like mopping or vacuuming, divide the weight of items in both the hands rather carrying all of it in one.

If you have a toddler and you’re pregnant, it’s especially important that you adhere to correct lifting techniques with them too. Always kneel or squat to pick up your child and if this becomes difficult, sit down and let your child climb up onto your lap.

5 Reasons behind Back Pain during Pregnancy and 6 Remedies to Relieve the Pain

Dress Right

Supportive sneakers or flat boots are best for everyday use, but if you want some height, try rubber-soled wedges, which distribute body weight across a larger surface area and offer shock absorption.

Wear right size maternity bra. Straps and cups need to be of the bigger size, avoid wearing tight clothes.

There many other therapies like Acupuncture or visiting a physiotherapist. A “Sacral Belt” can help in reducing the back pain during pregnancy or some medication.

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5 Reasons behind Back Pain during Pregnancy and 6 Remedies to Relieve the Pain

Chiropractic Care

You may associate chiropractors with joint-“cracking” adjustments, but they actually use a range of techniques to relieve back pain, and many women find relief under the care of someone experienced. Chiropractors routinely use joint manipulation soft tissue work and prescribed exercises to prevent women from feeling muscular tightness, nerve compression, and joint misalignment.


When to Seek Treatment From a Doctor

Back pain, by itself, usually is not a reason to call your doctor. But if you feel something is not right then visit the doctor immediately without second thoughts.

  • Your back pain is severe, lasts more than two weeks.
  • No feeling in both or one leg.
  • No sensation in the buttocks, groin or anus.
  • Difficulty while urinating.
  • Rhythmic pains may be a sign of preterm labour.

I hope these tips will provide some ease to your Pain. Do you have any other tips then please share i am sure its gonna be great benefit for the readers.


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Reasons and Remedies for back pain during pregnancy

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  1. I really loved this post Richa! There is so much information and kudos to you to have gone to such an extent of exhaustive study and elaborate documentation. Yes the reasons one gets backpain durin =g pregnancy are many, and mostly it is related to weight gain.
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    • Thank you for reading and liking it. thank you for such encouraging words 🙂

  2. Hi Richa, I’ve never had this kind of problems because I’ve been pregnant. But I have chronic back pain and I know the struggle. I assume that the pain is worse in pregnancy. These exercises are great and I have a friend that is pregnant now so I’m gonna forward this post to her. Angel Hi Richa, I’ve never had this kind of problems because I’ve been pregnant. But I have chronic back pain and I know the struggle. I assume that the pain is worse in pregnancy. These exercises are great and I have a friend that is pregnant now so I’m gonna forward this post to her. Angel 
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    • Thats Awesome Angel, i am so happy i could be of help to your friend. Please do forward her the post and let me know if she needs any further help.


  3. I’m left with acute back ache after three deliveries. It occurs when I’m either standing for too long or exerting while working at home. These tips look helpful. I’m bookmarking this. Thanks for the writeup👍
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  4. i was lucky never experienced back pain ! but my legs use to kill me.
    it was great reading the remedies and reason as two of friends our pregnant and this might have them.

    thanks for the share

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