A-ZChallenge Theme Reveal : Everyday Hacks

EVERYDAY hacks for life


This is my first #A-Z challenge and I am super excited about it.

For people who don’t know what is A-Z challenge. Every year entire April bloggers around the world take part in this fun and most famous challenge. So every day except Sundays bloggers are asked to take up a challenge each day starting with the letter like Day 1 will be A, Day2 it will be letter B.

This is the first time I am taking up a challenge. I am super excited but afraid because with a baby and a job I don’t know if I will be able to manage but at least I want to give it a try and make it super successful.

With this challenge, there is also a theme attached.The theme is not mandatory but it is fun so I will stick to it just to let people know this entire month of April whats in stored for them.I have always wanted to write about these topics but I felt I will fall short fo words or readers. But this challenge will help me gear up and I am sure my readers would love to read about them.

Everyday I face this challenge of whether I am a mum first or a wife or a professional. I am battling with this struggle for the past three years since the time I have had a baby. I need to maintain a balance with everything but its easier said than done. So why not chose a topic which is useful for everyone. This entire month I will be sharing simple hacks which can make life simple and easy especially for women staying in nuclear families with kids and its difficult to manage job, house and kids. So I am sure these hacks are going to be super helpful to them.

Everyday Hacks

I had done a seven-day hack series in the past and trust me it was super fun.I asked a lot of blogger friends to help me decide on the theme but then I thought let’s get on with something I will write about this entire 26 days cause at the end of the day i have to write the blog and I can only do it if I am excited about something.

So there will be travelling hacks, Pregnancy hacks, /shopping hacks and whatever you can think off!!!

I am looking forward to this challenge and super excited about it !!!


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Stay tuned for April full of hacks!!!






    • Yes even i think it will be interesting to do!!! Let’s hope i help people 🙂 Same pinch 🙂

    • Thank you Amrita though i am a bit nervous but lets see how this turns out to be.

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