When to wear fitted dress  : Pregnant Women Fashion

Yes ! It’s the best time to wear a skinny fitted dress.A pregnant lady carries the fitted dress far gracefully than a zero size model.

Wear checks, stripes, psychedelic print, whatever you have been scared off. All your fat accumulated in the wrong spot on your beautiful body is flawlessly hidden away by your cute baby bump. And trust me everyone is checking out the glow of your face. They don’t care how uncomfortable or unhappy, you are of your weight. All they see is a baby bump. So don’t ponder upon when to buy maternity clothes just invest in them and look glam.There are a lot of options for cheap maternity outfits too.

I have divided women body in 4 categories for Pregnant Women Fashion, see which one you fall in and be the fashionista

Tall and Broad

Tall and broad body type :pregnant women fashion
If you are tall and broad – best time to wear skinny jeans, normally that makes you feel conscious because of your long legs. It makes you look even taller.
Well now is the best time to be bold and tall. Worry less about your endlessly long leg and sky touching height.
Get out your all time favourite skinny jeans and pair is it fitted top. My suggestion is to wear a darker color top, to narrow down broadness of your shoulder Black, Navy blue, Dark brown, Bottle green, Wine, Burgandy etc colours should do the work.
Basically, your belly is helping you to balance body proportion. Focus on your torso more as you get bigger in your pregnancy but not taller. It is the best time to wear fitted knee length dresses, again try to wear solid color as much as possible, highlight it with accessories.
If you like prints, then small motif should be your choice. The things you shouldn’t wear when you are pregnant. No strap top, no sleeveless, no loose clothes. Try to have a combination of fitted tops with bottoms or knee length dress.
It time you flaunt your ankles. Wear Capri, culottes, knee length dress. Try to highlight your belly to give your figure a balance of your height.Make it a stylish pregnancy.

Tall & Skinny

Tall and thin body type :pregnant women fashion
OH! first of all, you are the luckiest girl on this earth.
You have a perfect model like body. You might be too concern about a sudden bump on your belly, but sooner you will start liking it. Now is the time for you to feel fashion free. You don’t have to worry if you are up to the standard of model fashion. 
You have been gifted or have worked real hard for this body, trust me you will shed all your baby weight in no time. This is actually a fun time for you, you can easily wear the loosest clothes on the earth and feel comfortable. ‘Hanger’ name calling end here. Flaunt your shoulders, arms, cute belly along with your long legs. You can easily go bare belly in capes, crop tops, and saree. Pregnant women fashion needs a lot of attention.
Now is the time for you to feel fashion free. Any color would compliment you be it small or big prints, be it stripes or check. If you are too conscious of your baby bump, try wearing loose clothes, the flare of your garment will hide your belly. Well, I don’t think I have to suggest fashion for this body time as anything you wear loose or tight will work.
No one cares about your belly, they still find you perfect and sexy. 

Short and Broad

short and broad body type :pregnant women fashion

Girl, I hear your pain.

We are the worse body type god could have created but at the same time, it is said that shorter people have high IQ. Well, no one can win an argument with us, our confidence is unbeatable. So don’t let your changing body lower down your moral.
Most of us have worn heels throughout our lives, to beat your broadness. A baby bump can make us look even shorter and fat, continue wearing your heels, it’s absolutely safe as long as you can handle your weight and pledge not to topple.
Pregnancy comes with a lot of scares, if you worry a lot and fear backache wear thick sole sneakers, they are in fashion and will keep you comfortable too.
Wear short dresses – flare or fitted doesn’t matter. Try to wear comfortable tops like t-shirts or loose top, you can pair it with a short skirt or shorts. You can also opt for a layer, a cape or kimono on top of your garment. Keep yourself comfortable and style simple.Check for discount maternity wear.
Try to wear solid, fewer prints. Don’t experiment too much with tops, keep them simple, go wild on layers and lowers like shorts and skirts. Dresses can work as corporate maternity clothes.
If you are no too conscious of your thighs wear knee length fitted dresses,  is perfect for us. Try not to wear full length leggings rather choose Capri leggings. That ll helps you fool others with your short height. there are cool maternity wear. 

Short & Thinshort and thin body type :pregnant women fashion

You lucky girl! You have it all except height, blame it on genes.
You were this close being a model never mind and a celebrity maternity style. You still steal the show. Everything looks good on you. I was like you once upon a time and now short and board. Pregnancy fashion isn’t tough for you. No matter what you do, you can never look fat. Even the baby bump can’t help you.
There is a separate clothing line for your body type – petite clothing. Trust me I know its hard to match fashion with your body type, I was once there. But now is the ideal time to be reckless and wear those tightest clothes which use to make you feel like a stick.There are maternity clothes outlet who will help you.Check for maternity skirts online.
Wear dressed from solid to bold psychedelic colors with right footwear from heals to a sneaker. It’s time to fault you shoulder bones, go one shoulder off, tag top, boat neck. They are all meant for you. Focus on upper body, deep neck, and nice accessories would look beautiful. No look can make clothes look saggy on you. Put on flare dress, flare top, layer them up with boyfriend shirt. What you shouldn’t be doing is wearing full-length dresses or loose Pajamas or culottes. 
This is for everyone. No matter what shape you are small or big. Pregnant women are the cutest and prettiest.What your style?
short and broad body type :pregnant women fashion
Guest Post by Danisha Nathyal
Danisha is a fashion stylist and a blogger at Lovethatyoucanbuy.
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  1. I sure fall in the first strata- Tall and broad. M not a fashionista, but there are a few tips i could adopt. Great write up.

  2. Pregnant ladies look so beautiful with a different glow…Right clothes add more to it. Very nice post for moms-to-be to refer to!

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