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Everyday get up at 6 am , finish the daily morning chores, wake the baby up and get him ready, rush to the office, slog there , work at extended hours, come back dead tired, spend time with the baby and then finish home chores, sleep dead tired preparing yourself again for the next day. If you are in the IT sector as a working mom, this must have been your routine throughout. Though there is no escape from this lifestyle however we do need some time for to relax and rejuvenate.

After my baby,  I had this pregnancy weight and stomach flap which were just not ready to go and with the above mentioned lifestyle, it’s difficult to find time to exercise for months and then see the results. That being said, there are many slimming services these days and VLCC is one of them and the most famous too. I had heard about VLCC Elixir Therapy launch which is a stone therapy and also a slimming session. I thought of trying it out for the first time. I am not a regular visitor to any slimming centre but going to VLCC was an experience in itself.

vlcc elixir therapy review

I got the opportunity to try the service through World Of Moms Platform. The manager was really courteous. I had booked the appointment for evening 3pm even though the centre closes at 4 and the procedure was for 2.5 hours however, they did not hesitate to book the appointment. I reached the centre late, the centre head- Anu,  was a real sweet lady and she welcomed me with a lovely heart. Though I could not get the session done that day but they were sweet enough to book an appointment for the next day. She introduced me to the entire place, the facilities available, and the staff around. Everyone greeted me well and they all were sweet and genuine people.


I went for the therapy the next day, because my target area for fat reduction was stomach I was asked not to eat anything 2 hours prior and also not have much water. Rajni, a very sweet and humble lady does this therapy at the centre she was there with me the entire time, escorting me to each and every room .First I had my entire V=body scan and weight checkups. Then I was taken to a room which was all prepared in advance for the therapy. She gave me a gown to change, and then she took my entire body measurements in detail.

I was then asked to lie down on the bed and the therapy started off. First she gave a nice head massage and rubbed my leg with a hot towel that in itself made me relax. Then she massaged my entire body with hot oil and two warm stones. The stones were rubbed against my body and that made the muscles release the tension and my body was all stress free. The massage continued for a good 30 minutes and then she applied a pack at my target area which was the stomach and covered it with a foil wrap tightly. She took me to the steam room where my legs and stomach were given steam treatment for about 20 minutes.


Then she took me back to the therapy room where there was huge machine called the CTS, which she said is used to reduce the inches. The CTS machine was only applied on the target area which was the stomach and it continued for 20 minutes. Though it was a bit painful, but she was very cautious while doing it. At the end of the procedure, she again took the entire measurements and also my weight. There was 500 gm reduction in weight and 5 cm reduction from the hip, 2 cm from the stomach, and 2cm from the hands and an entire 15 cm inch reduction from the entire body. This was all done while I was just lying down and relaxing.

vlcc elixir therapy review

I found the entire process very scientific and holistic. Rajni was really sweet and promised that I just require 5 sittings to make my stomach completely flat and she will do that for me. I am hooked to the program I mean something which I have been trying terribly for years, is going to happen in months and she told me stories of women who are three times my size and are enjoying flat abs.


Then the centre head Anu explained me everything about my measurements, my weight loss and what all is to do further. The cost of my flat stomach procedure just came out to be 18k (which includes the 5 CTS sitting) because they have a 50% discount going on. I was all elated hearing that.In 18k i can get a flat stomach which i have been eyeing for years isnt it wonderful!!!!

Overall, I am highly impressed with their services and I would recommend this to each and everyone who wants to relax and pamper themselves and at the same time reduce their weight.


When I went home, I tried my old jeans which never fit me after I got pregnant. And guess what, I could easily fit in those. I had a good sleep of 12 hours which I could not after my baby but the next day i felt so relaxed which i have not been lately. I felt so relieved and extremely rejuvenated. I had a wonderful experience with VLCC and I am sure I am going to get a flat stomach in just a month Yay! They also have a 50% Discount going on this entire march so rush before it ends 🙂

vlcc elixir therapy review

Have you ever tried VLCC, if you have stomach fat which is not going then VLCC is the place to go. The process is very scientific and holistic. There are various websites and offline centres who claim to reduce your weight but they have no sanctity. I have heard so many stories of people cheating in the name of weight loss. I always look for something which is tried, tested, believable and achievable because I am not the one who settles for anything less. Try VLCC for a life changing experience!

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  1. Does this really work? Quite steeply priced and also for how long will the weight and inches stay off? I’m a granny who is looking after toddlers these days so am experiencing all the issues of a new mom! I loved your blog and look forward to more cheery stuff.

    • Yes this does work!!!its not steep priced its just 18k for the entire package i.e. 5 sittings 🙂
      Thank you for such encouraging words 🙂

  2. Honestly I fear whenever I read about this product and now that I read a lot about it I think I should give it a try!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. i am not sure! i still have some hope left in me. untill i m deadly sure i cant make it on my own. i dont want to take any second party support.
    i m happy that you decided on visting them n shared you experience.

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