Soul Slings Full Buckle Benefits

Soul Slings Full Buckle Benefits

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What I really liked about Soul Sling Full Buckle Toddler SSC

FABRIC The entire carrier is cotton and incredibly soft which is apt for the humid climate in our country.The colour is very soothing and very trendy too. The ikat print makes it look very traditional yet very modern.The fabric is so light that I could easily fit this into my Ring /sling bag pack which is another beauty in itself.

Soul Slings Full Buckle Benefits

COMFORT  My toddler is three years old and weighs 15 kg so we prefer back carrying him.I have tried many brands and this is the definitely my top one for toddler sec. The padding is much lighter and supportive as compared to other brands. Because it is moldable it does not cause pain at some areas which harder fabric does. The wide seat carrier is also extremely comfortable. 

Soul Slings Full Buckle Benefits

BUILT Because it has no padding between the two layer of the fabric it makes it more breathable for the baby and the wearer. The seat of the butt and the leg is more wider as compared to other SSCs which i have tried. The buckles are of good quality.It is light in weight and portable.

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Soul Slings Full Buckle Benefits

PRICE Carriers of such quality are mostly around 8k compared to this one which is just 6.5k. There might be a slight difference in the quality but not very significant so price wise it’s a much better choice.

Soul Slings Full Buckle Benefits

SAFETY The Soul Full Buckle is safety tested and certified, padded in the shoulder and waistband for maximum support and comfort .The buckles are of very good quality, The waistband padding is sewn into three sections, to wrap around the body better and safe. It also has an additional triangle-shaped stitched section.

Soul Slings Full Buckle Benefits

SNUGGY Oh!!! Did i mention its very easy to get squeezyy in the Soul sling carrier, the material is so soft i can carry him to my heart’s content. I prefer front carrying because i can have n number of hugs and kisses but my husband prefer back carrying and he says this I the best carrier he has tried till date.

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Why should you go for Soul Sling SSC?

Soul Slings Full Buckle Review

  • It has given me free hands even with my toddler on my back just like before the baby was born so I can multitask.
  • My baby is very calm and composed due to contact skin to skin contact 
  • We have developed a strong bond due to front carrying
  • I have travelled alone everywhere and extremely helpful while Airports check-ins to train journeys and it has come very handy
  • I don’t use Prams, strollers or anything else except carriers and i can do street shopping, mall outings , metro rides, evening and morning walks, cooking.
  • It is easy to wear, I have never asked anyone’s help to wear my baby, perfect fit and soft like a wrap.
  • It is structured, moldable, soft, comfortable and priced well!!!
  • They have plenty of options for each age type. There is huge variety in fabric, colour, print and style.
  • They have Ring Slings, Onbuhimo, Meh Dai, Wraps and SSSC which are standard as well as for toddelrs!!!


So what are you waiting for,  head to their website now and thank me (& Soulslings) for lifetime !!!! 🙂

Soul Slings Full Buckle Benefits


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If you really want to babywear your child i would suggest looking for a local sling library/ babywearing group in your local area who can offer you support and advice and allow you to try different kinds.

If you have a toddler and you do not want to wear your baby for longer hours then I would suggest Soul Sling for you.

I have met many people asking me about babywearing and its benefits and in particular about this SSC, so please share this post as much as you can to spread the message across.



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P.s: The Soul Full Buckle was sent to me for review. However, the views expressed here are solely mine.




  1. I have been using Soul Ring sling for almost 2 years now with my 2.5 year old kids. I love the fact that the fabric is so airy & meant for Indian weathers.

    • Yes this is from a brand soul slings… The buckles are perfect safe and durable

  2. This is beautiful. I tried many baby carrier something or the other dint work. My baby always cried. Soulstring is looking perfect to try. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the print and colour is so soothing it’s pretty reasonably priced for a toddler carrier as well

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