Reduce Weight & Inches without Exercise or Diet in a Holistic way : VLCC Elixir Therapy

vlcc elixir therapy review for weight and inches reduction

#VLCCStyleStatements : VLCC Elixir Therapy Everyday get up at 6 am , finish the daily morning chores, wake the baby up and get him ready, rush to the office, slog there , work at extended hours, come back dead tired,… Continue Reading

13 Super Awesome Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Husbands

Awesome ways to Announce Pregnancy to your husband

Hey Prego/ Would be Moms !!! It’s definitely one of life’s greatest pleasures, finding out you’re pregnant, but as a woman we often find out in less romantic and glamorous ways, from a wee on a stick or from a… Continue Reading

My 7 Favourite Baby Products : Helped me Survive my initial years of Parenting #MondayMommyMoments

7 essential products that helped me survive my intial years of parenting

I’ve had a lot of people asking  me to compile a list of must-have baby products . Well! the list is going to be huge. I mean here comes a baby and with the baby comes more stuff than a… Continue Reading

Find out Amazing ways to Decorate and Utilise Mason Jars

utilise mason jars in some amazing ways, decorate your room, living room , kitchen or kids room. These have old wordl charm and look magnificent.

Friends!!! its just so amazing when i am here writing my blog , i feel so connected with my little world,  with you guys. I feel like not spending a single day without writing my blog. Its just that sometimes its… Continue Reading