Reduce Weight & Inches without Exercise or Diet in a Holistic way : VLCC Elixir Therapy

vlcc elixir therapy review for weight and inches reduction

#VLCCStyleStatements : VLCC Elixir Therapy Everyday get up at 6 am , finish the daily morning chores, wake the baby up and get him ready, rush to the office, slog there , work at extended hours, come back dead tired,… Continue Reading

5 Reasons behind Back Pain during Pregnancy and 6 Remedies to Relieve the Pain

5 Reasons behind Back Pain during Pregnancy and 6 Remedies to Relieve the Pain

Raise your hands if you suffer from Back Pain during pregnancy!!! Around 70% women complain about back pain during Pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimester. Drop into any physical therapist and you can see many baby bump waiting… Continue Reading

Going for a Vacation with your child? You need this MAMA Earth Travel essential kit for them!!!

Mama Earth Product Review

We are planning a vacation to the mountains and travelling with a child requires a whole lot of packing . From lots of diapers to the teeny tiny oil bottle , shampoos and medicines. So I thought of buying a travel… Continue Reading

Should you really eat for two during Pregnancy?

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Many women believe that once pregnant, they must start eating for two, and eat twice as much as before.  This is a myth!  You should not eat for two during pregnancy, but rather for yourself and a growing foetus. When I was… Continue Reading

Is 35 Really the new 25 ? The best age to get pregnant

the best age to get pregnant

Not just celebrities like Aishwarya or Madonna but many women today plan to have their babies later in life.If steve Martin at 67 and Hugh Grant at 52 can be fathers. It seems like there is no best age to… Continue Reading