How i weaned my breastfed toddler – 10 tips and weaning recipe shared

wean my breastfed toddler-plan, tips and trick, recipes shared

After a full year of breastfeeding my toddler even after joining back work. I was finally done wearing nursing tops and bringing my pump to work every day. So I decided to wean my breastfed toddler and worked on the… Continue Reading

My 7 Favourite Baby Products : Helped me Survive my initial years of Parenting #MondayMommyMoments

7 essential products that helped me survive my intial years of parenting

I’ve had a lot of people asking  me to compile a list of must-have baby products . Well! the list is going to be huge. I mean here comes a baby and with the baby comes more stuff than a… Continue Reading

My Childs Addiction with iPad

Kids ipad addiction find out how i stopped him from using it

Find out How & Why I stopped him. We cannot deny the fact that kids have become addicted to today’s technology especially the iPad. A few days back, my little one saw me making a boomerang video and immediately snatched… Continue Reading