How i weaned my breastfed toddler – 10 tips and weaning recipe shared

wean my breastfed toddler-plan, tips and trick, recipes shared

After a full year of breastfeeding my toddler even after joining back work. I was finally done wearing nursing tops and bringing my pump to work every day. So I decided to wean my breastfed toddler and worked on the… Continue Reading

Make Learning fun with Legos/Blocks

Well !! if you read my previous blog on Blocks then you’ll know that Legos/Blocks are not just for building there are a whole lot of stuff which can be discovered and learnt.Those activities were little easy and ideal for preschoolers. When they… Continue Reading

How and Why to Celebrate your Kids Half Birthday

perfect ideaa to plan a kids half birthday party

You Guys!!! I am so grateful to you for taking all the effort to reach this little blog of mine. It’s been almost a month of active blogging and i am loving it. I had fantasised about starting this five… Continue Reading

Parenting Hacks : 9 Hygiene Hacks for kids to keep the germs away

hygiene hacks

HI there!!! We meet again 🙂 This is the third post in the Parenting Hacks series after the Food and Safety Hacks . With monsoons around the corner health and hygiene have become the most discussed topic these days, and with… Continue Reading